Thursday, March 09, 2006

Is there anything wrong?

I have no idea with why people can't accept ideas that are revolutionary sometimes. I mean if there is possibility of conceiving children without a mother's womb. Why not consider it?

What is wrong with conceiving children? Just quoting a simple example. Is there any difference between an egg hatched by a hen and by a machine? They still come out as chickens. They don't seem to behave in any other different than other chickens. So, why not consider conceiving children without a mother's womb? Some claim it's playing God. Some claim it's not natural. Some claim it's a woman's role to give birth. So, is this just some lame excuse for not accepting this technology if it becomes available?

If this technology is safer than mother's womb? An artifical womb doesn't have to be subjected to the problem's of a mother's womb. A baby's life might be in danger if the mother's an irresponsible individual, eg. alcoholic, drug abuser. But, of course if the mother is an irresponsible individual, she shouldn't be having a baby anyway.

This technology will benefit women in a whole as well. Why? Because women don't have to suffer ugly stretch marks, they don't lose their valuable time carrying the baby in their womb. It also eliminates them from labor pain. What else would they want to ask for? Management can also look forward for no-interuption working all year long because it's no longer necessary for female staff to take long maternity leave. Women can also do away with the throwing up, dizziness, and other effects of pregnancy. I think this pretty much justifies the reason why this technology should be used.

So, why shouldn't men/women consider this technology?

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