Sunday, January 08, 2006

Sungai Besar trip

Dear blog,
I went for short trip at my colleague's place in Sungai Besar. It was definitely fun-filled journey. We left from my place and arrived around his home around 8pm++. On the way , we made 2 stops.

The first stop was the Petronas petrol station, which one of our colleagues make a desperate to hold her bowels before it explodes, 'coz for unknown reason, the ladies was locked, while she was forced to wait till the gents is vacant.

The second stop was one beach in Kuala Selangor i guessed?! It was definitely a nice beach. But, certain "quick sand" situation also forced 2 of our colleagues too be stucked in the sand. Fortunately, they managed get themselves out of the sand. We continued taking photos around the beach. It was relieving to watch the birds fly in a formation.

We continued our journey and finally reach his dad's restaurant. My colleague got his keys from his dad and continued home. The house is a typical chinese new village house, long house with lots of rooms. We rest for a while , take turns bathing and proceeded to his dad's restaurant. We had the meal of our life, the steamboat was filled with lots of food e.g crabs, prawns , noodles, eggs, vegetable, and etc. It was so full that we also paused for drinking red wines.

Then, we continued chatting till his dad's restaurant closing time. We proceeded to his house and continued playing card games till friggin 3am in the morning.

We woke up 4 hours later, ready for our clamshell collection journey.

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