Monday, January 30, 2006

Nothing to BLOG about.

Well, I haven't been blogging for some time.
1) Because I'm lazy.
2) Basically nothing intresting happened in my life.
Then again, I think it's reason (1) . hehe.

Just last week, I went to the airport for 3 TIMES.
Monday, I went there to pick up my brother.
Wednesday, I went there to pick up my father.
Thursday, I went there to pick up my brother (again).
Pheh, bueah tahan...

Let's start with some good news.
CNY is here. That means ang pow. Hmm. What else?Ohh yes.
I just bought a 19" LCD monitor. After using the LCD a while , I felt the what has been so "syok" about owning a LCD monitor. It tooked some time for me to adjust to the LCD monitor.
probably it was because I upgraded from a 17" Samsung 765MB CRT monitor to the
Samsung 930BF LCD.
But , it felt great 'coz the screen was SO MUCH BIGGER. BIGGER..DAMN !#^^&*# BIG.
hahhahahaha.. (yeah, I can hear some of you calling me show-off).

Now the bad news.
CNY is here. That means coming back to hometown , spending lots of time on sleeping, reading books and magazines I brought from home and playing games on my Playstation. ANNOYING CNY songs. arrgghh... Same ol' singing style every year yet they release albums after albums.
Are people really so suckered to buy them ar I wonder? More colleagues are leaving the company. A total of 4 administrative staff have resigned from the company. There is 1 or 2 of them which I'm kinda have fun working with them. It's sad but I wished them good luck to their future endavours.

Maybe I should look into what I really want in my life. A wife? or a Life? hahah. I do hope my dreams of owning a game development studio can be achieved some day. hmm. some day.

Time to sleep 'coz it's 1.22am in the morning. Signing off.

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