Thursday, February 16, 2006

Anti-piracy protection

Software protection has certainly came a long way. So does software piracy too.
We have serial numbers, online activation, patching with modified .exe files and etc.

But, nothing beats the latest move on anti piracy. The user has to disconnect
all the CD/DVDROM drives in order to run the game.
This has certainly bad news for pirate games supporters because it is truly quite
a hassle to install the game to HDD, copy the image file to the hdd, mount
the image file with CD Cloning software e.g DAEMON tools, then unplug your CD/DVDROM

But, this is a certainly great news for some e.g game developers, because more people
might support Original games because of the hassle caused during the pirate games
installation. Then again, unplugging your CD/DVDROM drive while playing games might
be a small price to pay.

But, it remains to be seen how far will the games pirates and the games developers go
to outsmart each others.Hopefully, some day when games become so cheap it just doesn't
make sense to make pirated copies anymore.

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