Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Fate files : fight the destiny

I learnt from Grey's Anatomy today that you can't run away from fate. It simply follows you home.
Heh, whatever that means. From my understanding , the more you run from fate, the closer it is you are to fate. So, as much as you wanted to run away from the person that destined to be with you, the close it is that he / she is to you.

I'd probably have to accept the fact that things might not go as well as I planned. The attempt to jump into raging volcano is best way to describe what I'm trying to do now.You either choked from breathing too much smoke, or you're swallowed by the raging lava, or, you can't find your way because there's too much smoke, OR you just have wait for someone to rescue you.

The idea of meeting someone that you can't court is very depressing for some. It's depressing that it's so near yet it's so far. Like what one used to say "The worse thing in life is when one's in love in the other, the other doesn't love one the same ". Or something like that.

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