Tuesday, January 16, 2007


What is one's destiny?

Why am I here? Am I destined to be someone good? Are there people who are destined to do bad things during their lifetime, eg, murder, con, cheat , lie?

Is there a choice? not to become what you're destined to be ? OR to be with someone else than the one you "destined" with?

Is there a choice?


Anonymous said...

For me...sumtime u r destiny to meet that person but is ur choice to be or not to be with that person. This is the choices make by urself wheather to love or to be loved, choice to choose wat u like. Example, u r destiny to meet HM but is ur choice to wheather have a further relationship with her. Therefore u did CHOOSE to be a casual fren.

Elaine said...

Agree with the comment above. It's ur CHOICE actually what do u want to be.