Monday, January 29, 2007

It's the new week

It's gonna be end of the month. Again to rush some stuff before end of the month. Well kinda pissed now need to finish some those stuff that are listed in monthly work-plan.

Keep bringing forward to next month won't look very nice for appraisal this year. :(

I'm hoping February will be better.

Valentine is around the corner. I have 2 special friends' birthday coming soon. 1 is in fact 1 month + 1 day after mine, which is on 23rd February and another which is on 28th February. I wonder should I get them anything.

Well, I've always been a cheapskate for so long. haha... yea I am. So, this year I should strive be not so cheapskate. Treating someone a meal is too "normal", thinking of trying something different this year. But, what?!


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