Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Meeting a "friendster" and food posts

Last sunday(11/02/2007), before heading to The Curve to meet up with a "friendster", my mom "ta pao"ed some Hakka noodles, from 金華美食中心 in SS20 as breakfast. Although there wasn't really much stuff in it, (there were some fish cakes, foo chook(??) in it) but the delicious taste of the noodles makes up to it.(From my experience, Hakka Noodles usually mixed with minced pork not fish cake and foo chook) .The noodles' texture was quite smooth as well. So tasty, you really liked to have a second serving. It is also much thinner than the usual Hakka noodles. Since a picture is worth a million words, here's a photo of the Hakka noodles.
Hakka noodles from 金華美食中心

After breakfast, my friend Warren picked me up and we went to The Curve to catch the movie "The Holiday". Actually , I went to The Curve to meet up a friend which I met from friendster. We didn't have much time to talk because the movie starts at 11.20am, it was already 11.08 or 11.10am when we met my friend. So we just walked around Cineleisure building and kill time. We walked for a while then it's about 11.20am so we waved good bye and we went our merry ways. Here's a photo of the friend I met.
Thank you Warren for holding the camera.

yea lah, that's me on the left, the friend Zenneo on the right
"The Holiday" can be summarized in 3 words, simple and nice. It's not a "tough" movie like "The Prestige" which needs you to be observant and all that. It's a very nice feel good movie for people who are searching for love , and definitely must watch for couples. After the movie, we had lunch at "Kopi Oh : The Kopitiam with a new Kick" which is on Cineleisure Ground floor. The staff were indeed attentive, between for 3-4 minutes we were standing outside looking at the menu, 2 of their waiters attended to us. When the first waiter, I just said we're looking around, since we're not sure what to eat. Once we confirmed we're having lunch there, the second waiter showed us where to queue. We queued and ordered 2 signature rice , Warren ordered the Hot & Sour rice , while I ordered Fragrant and Sweet rice. As for drinks, I ordered Cincau and Warren ordered Teh Ice. (yea I know nothing really special.) The rice dish costs RM7.90 each, and the drinks were not included in the bill because the total bill only came back RM15.80 = RM7.90 x 2. Hmmmm. Anyways, let's talk about the food. The rice are quite nice. The meat and veggie that came with are in generous proportions , in fact more than the rice. In my opinion, which is a good thing. I mean what's the point having lots of rice but a little meat right? The sauce that came with it was good too. The fragrant rice is served with chicken meat, brocolli and some veggie (which I don't know what it's called). The rice smells great and the sauce taste great too. I didn't get to sample a lot of Hot & Sour, but the sauce taste just as good as the Fragrant and Sweet Rice. Here's some photo again.
Hot & Sour Rice

Fragrant & Sweet Rice
Teh ais.
Overall, I'll give the restaurant 2 thumbs-up for good service and good food. After lunch, we went home immediately because I got errands to run. Overall, it was great day , and I'm glad that we (Warren and me) had talked quite a lot.

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