Thursday, February 08, 2007

B'day lunch (sorry lah.. dinner can't make it ...mah lunch loh)

Since my colleague can't make it for a b'day dinner, we(colleagues and me) had to changed our plans to a b'day lunch instead. We had it lunch in Dengkil Seafood Restaurant. We had lunch and dinner there numerous times. Generally, we are quite satisfied the quality of the food that we won't mind coming again.
1st Dish: Lemonade Chicken, tastes quite nice.

1st, 2nd and 3rd Dish: Starting clockwise, Teppanyaki tofu, Lemonade chicken and veggie(forgot what veggie).The tofu is quite good but I didn't get to eat a lot and veggie so-so only.

4th dish, Assam fish, according to others, it tastes good, for me I find that the fish would've tasted even better if the assam flavour has thoroughly seeped into the fish.

Overall, still an okay meal which costs us abt RM100++ for 9 persons. Will go the restaurant again in future because the service is quite good.

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