Saturday, February 24, 2007

It's 3.40am in the morning

It's 3.40am in the morning. Yea I know I supposed to sleeping now. But I can't , actually wanted to blog.


Well, important news 1st. My cousin bro is married !!! Okay lah, I attended his wedding dinner on friday night (24/02/2007) in Mentakab, Pahang. I went for an early nap. Then I woke up by my dad at 1.26am and guess what? It's time for "tea serving/drinking" ceremony.

Well, wtf?! was my first reaction. That's a first for me to have such a ceremony at this time of the day. For the uninitiated, the "tea serving" ceremony is usually done in the morning. It's usually done near the end of the wedding ceremony. Some of the event prior to the "tea serving" are the "door ramming" ceremony which involves the bridegroom fulfilling mundane requests from the bride's side eg. singing, saying I love you in various languages, generally to make a fool out of the bridegroom and his best men ( in a fun loving way). and also some other traditions which I'll leave it for another time.

Anyways, it was a great wedding as there were no raining / thunderstorm involved. (no offence to the previous wedding I attended :P ) All was peaceful, though the bride's father shook my hand 3 times and claims that he's sober slightly weird at times. The wedding ended around 10pm which is considered quite okay. ( I been through wedding dinner which were even worse, started late, ended late , abt. 11pm++ on sunday night). I'm just glad it ended at the right time.

On another note, I finally took the time to reconfigure my phone to receive MMS and surf net via GPRS. I'm glad I did. Woo hoo!! Now i can receive MMS, and also surf net with Opera Mini.

Okies lah. I know no big deal for some lah. But, I just want to brag about learning something new.


saymm said...

hi Lee chern! HAPPY CNY! how are you? i saw your blog from fei eng's blog. regards, mei mei.

MaN|acZ said...

Thank you . Thank you. MM.

Happy CNY to you too.

why ur blog no update geh?