Saturday, February 17, 2007

The journey home and reunion dinner

As usual, we drove from home all the way to Mentakab, Pahang for celebrate Chinese New Year eve with our grandparents.

But, this year it was slightly different. This year we get to stuck in numerous jams while heading towards Genting, heading towards Bukit Tinggi and myself getting really nervous when the next petrol station is so far away, that I thought I gonna pee in my pants.

So, as we're about less than 5 minutes to the Genting tunnel, we're hit by a jam which probably took up to 10 minutes or so , to reach the Genting.

But ,the story doesn't ends here. After the tunnel, there was still jam. I was wondering why was the big jam. Then , my question is answered.

Turns out there were some police gathering at the top of slope after Genting tunnel, they were just standing there and not doing anything also, the motorists just slowed down. Are Malaysians kay poh chi, or they just scared of cops?

After that, there were still minor jams here and there. But, it was much better than before Genting jam.

Finally, I have reached Pahang safely. We had steamboat for reunion dinner. Though the choices might not be a lot, but the great portions has certainly filled a big space in my tummy.

Here are some the ingredients for steamboat dinner.
We have the coriander, bean curd, bee hoon, eggs, chicken meat, pig intestines and fish bladder.
There are also 2 different soups, clear soup and "Sze Chuan" spicy soup. Both of them taste quite nice too. But, the spicy soup did taste quite salty in the end, so I just mixed with clear soup to wash away the saltiness.

It's a great dinner. I hope that I can do this more often with my family and friends in the coming future.


leech said...

oh it's fish bladder?? i always thought it was fish stomach. omg... another ingredient i don't like...

happy cny!! =p

MaN|acZ said...

yea.. I think even tho it's fish stomach, but it's called fish bladder (what my dad told me).

u dun like? but it's smooth texture is what makes it so nice to each.

Happy CNY to you too! =)