Friday, May 18, 2007


During PC Fair trip in KLCC around April 2007, my friend, Warren, wanted to get some posters from Petaling Street after I bought some ink from the fair. Strangely enough, I couldn't find ORIGINAL HP INK in PC FAIR !!!! I don't know about you, but all I saw was some brands other than!.. ( I was the wrong place, I searched from hall 3- hall 5).. TARAK!!
so anyways, that's how I ended up in front of Low Yat plaza. So, I bought my HP PSC1210 all-in-one printer from HP sales centre in front of Low Yat plaza. Thanks to Warren, we walked from KLCC to the Bukit Nanas monorail station. (very good way to work out, ehh. honest lah.. no lying wan...).

Once we're done, Warren to decided try his luck searching for a poster shop. Since I'm not sure about whether there's such a shop in Sungai Wang area. Finally , after much asking around from 7-Eleven, Guardian, MPH bookshop and etc, we FOUND IT!!!

The Final Fantasy XII poster that I bought.
The Final Fantasy: Advent Children poster The address of Rona Store.
Well, I can't really remember the directions to get there. What I do remember is , it's the same row as sports shop or something. Hopefully I'm not wrong about that. If not, you can always call the number in the receipt that I shown above and ask for directions.