Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dinner in Dragon - I

continuing from the The Curve event, after the taking photos with the NTV7 celebrities, we went scouting around The Curve.

Then I bump into my boss, she was queuing up in Sake Sushi. When I met her, she was about to leave.

So, after scouting a while. We finally found a restaurant. Dragon-i.
Masak-masak, and 3 Meals of Goodness the reviewed their 1 utama branch here and here

From Sambal Belacan to Hors d'Oeuvres has a review of The Curve branch here.

Our first dish came. Claypot seafood toofu. Not bad at all. Quite tasty. I like it.

Seafood tofu in claypot. Close-up. Looks yummy right? :P

Then my drink came. My friends ordered chinese tea (i think).

Barley with Lemon.. hahah... strange combination. But, it just taste like Barley with Lemon. No very special , but not bad either. just fine.

Our second order, pork cellar. The cellar tastes really nice, it's quite smooth. It is a must-try when you go to Dragon-I.

Our supposedly last order, spinach with watery eggs. (sorry for the bad translation). This one is just so-so only. By the time,my friends finished with this dish,they also finished their rice.

Since there's no point eat plain rice with gravy, I ordered our final dish with my friends agreeing as well. Tadaaa.... the sweet and sour chicken balls. Again , this dish is quite delicious.

Overall, the food that we had are quite satisfying. I like the food quite much. The seats are nice too. Service is prompt.

Definitely THE place to go when you're looking for good chinese food in The Curve.

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