Thursday, June 28, 2012

a long long time ago, in a far far galaxy.

I've noticed it's been half a year that I've touched this blog. . a really long time.

anyways. During these few months, I've resigned and changed a new job. Half a year plus. 

After changing to a new job, I think my mindset changed a lot. I've learned that in a big 

organisation, you probably need to have a lot of support to move up the ladder. meaning A LOT 

of people has to be behind your back. or you could probably kiss your job good bye.

Sometimes working in a big organisation, your colleagues / superiors seem to expect a lot 

from you. Unfortunately, help could be quite minimal and you could be on yourself most of the 

time. It could a true test for yourself that you could make it through. If anyone that I know is 

reading this, you know who I'm talking about. Otherwise, you just keep this to yourself :).

Fortunately, I left and went for a smaller scale company. Since leaving this big company, I think I 

was a bit afraid of joining a new company (even though this is my 5th company that I've joined).

I mean new environment, new company and all that. But after being with them with 2 months, 

I think things might not be that tough after all. With this new company, I think I made more 

mistakes but gained more from these mistakes. In a big company, sometimes even small 

mistakes could be magnified a gazillion times, as if you've terminated the dear life of someone.

I'm grateful I've learned a lot in a short span of time. There's so much to learn. Big companies 

has specialized job roles, which probably means 1 role 1 person. You'll probably be an expert 

in your own field, it probably just ends there. Smaller company 1 person might have multiple 

roles, though not specialized, but you do have a lot more knowledge to gain. I think I'm more of 

the small company type of employee.  Well, I'm just happy that I'm working in my new company. 

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