Sunday, January 27, 2008

Old Chang Kee curry puff

On the same day that I had my lunch in Bar B Q plaza, my friend told me to give Old Chang's Kee curry puff a try as well.The above is a photo taken from The curry puff itself costs RM1.50. Though it may sound quite expensive for your average curry puff. It's packed with potatoes as well as egg.. EGG!!.. ooh yeah... When you buy 6 of them , you'll get 1 FREE!! That's RM9 for 7 curry puffs. It was so good I had 2-3 of them. Really nice. (Sorry, I can't get a good picture of inside)

The package of OldChangKee.
Old Chang Kee is actually franchise founded by a Singaporean which had humble beginning like any entrepreneur I guess. Here's the story how it all started. According to the website, Old Changkee was awarded the Singapore Promising Brand Award and also the Singapore Heritage Brand Award in 2004 and 2005. Not bad at all .

Well, so far there's only 2 outlets in Malaysia: One in 1utama, another in BB Plaza. While most of them are located in Singapore. Here's a lists of their outlets. The 1utama outlet is located at lower ground floor, it's along the way to the food court of 1utama old wing. Shouldn't be hard to find. So, if you do stop by 1utama, or BB Plaza. You should give their curry puff a try.

here's the best photo that I manage take after.. "opening up" the curry puff.
Sorry. that's the best I can get. :(
If you guys have a better photo, do let me know, :P

Update: it seems I have been getting a lot of hits from people looking for Old Chang Kee curry puffs. Blog readers, don't be shy, share your Old Chang Kee curry puff experience at the comments section. There's a new Chicken Mushroom Onstik.Any of you guys tried out yet?

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