Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bar BQ Plaza

After waiting for like aeons to update my blog, I finally took the time to sit down to blog properly. and It's also my b'day today.

Why I didn't blog for so long, because I'm too lazy busy. :P

About a fortnight ago, after watching Rendition in GSC 1u(more on that in another post), we went to Bar-B-Q plaza for lunch. The steamcooker for the Bar-b-q.
Chopsticks and bowl used for eating.
Instructions on how to cook!!!!! (Well, you haven't seen these in any
steamboat restaurant before right?, not for me at least. The way to cook is actually place the lard on top of the cooker. Then , it will be followed by pouring in the soup after the lard is cooked. Then you can proceed to put in the barbeque ingredients , eg. pork, seafood, beef that you ordered.
Lard (pork fat) used for cooking.
The ingredients to mix with the barbeque sauce. On the top left is garlic, followed by lemon, chillies. The bowl, of course is the barbeque sauce.
Barbeque sauce. MIXED with the ingredients.

The Supreme pork set that we ordered for RM29.90. Ok lah. Looks quite a lot for around RM30.
Green tea tau fu RM4.Nothing special about it.
Hot honey lemon.RM4. The honey is sweet but just nice with the lemon. Definitely a must order in Bar-Bq plaza.
Red bean squash. RM4.My friend ordered this. Taste quite good too. Also another must try in Bar-Bq plaza.
The barbeque cooker with just the veggies. I'm not sure if we're supposed to cook the cabbage slices (very thin) because they are placed at below all the veggies and meat. or they are just part of the garnishing? Nevertheless we just shove everything to the cooker. The barbeque cooker with just the pork.

The black pepper udon noodles. Not spicy enough to my taste but still okay.

Altogether this meal costs us RM58.50. Just a little shy of RM60, although I'm not DAMN full but I think is satisfying meal.

Note: 1) Always take up the meat as soon as it's cooked, meat won't tastes very nice/tender
when it's overcooked.
2) Always soak the meat in barbeque sauce. ALWAYS. it tastes better.

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Benghan said...

It's 12.30am and I am still in the office and you are making me hungry ! BarBQ is nice huh? I love the sauce for dipping!

MaN|acZ said...

hello. yea. I agree, the sauce is quite nice.

So, what do you work as?