Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Whoever invented standby?

Whomever invented the phrase on standby should be shot dead, beaten up into a pulp, or rolled over by a steam roller.


of all the times to receive a call from office, i got called at 12am in the morning. yeah man.. just nice.. people... very nice of you to ruin my beauty sleep.

When I slept late every night , there's no call. When I sleep earlier, some fucker
"make love person" called in the middle of the morning to ask me to solve a problem. Yeah man.. thank you very much..

Next time I would just tell him to go fuck "make love" to himself / herself.

I worked from 2am to 7am the day I went on-call. Since it's 4 hours working AFTER working hours, I called verified with HR and I'm granted a day off. Woo yeah... Got back home around 7.20am (while struggling with tiredness to get back home in 1 piece).

Hopefully, my boss agrees with day-off grant.

Update :
Thank God, he did. It was supposed to half-day leave. But, I made a mistake and thought it was full-day leave. Well, whatever.

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