Thursday, October 27, 2011


According to,

are as below:

1. the act of conspiring.
2. an evil, unlawful, treacherous, or surreptitious plan formulated in secret by two or more persons; plot.
3. a combination of persons for a secret, unlawful, or evil purpose: He joined the conspiracy to overthrow the government.
4.Law. an agreement by two or more persons to commit a crime, fraud, or other wrongful act.
5.any concurrence in action; combination in bringing about a given result.
The most common definition should be No. 2. A plot by 2 or more person to do something illegal / evil / unlawful and etc.
You can read the short or long version. :P . Long version starts first.
##LONG version #
Why am I talking about conspiracy? Well, let's just say I have some first hand experience about it. I don't say I'm a saint, but I would be guilty as charged by conspiring with these people. Imagine you're part of a group,  where most of them like to have McDonald's for lunch, naturally even you're not really a fan of McDonald's, you would still join them. So, naturally when you go out with them, you try to have a good time with them while they enjoying your lunch. Hopefully, the next time they have lunch with you, they would go for something that you desire. If not, you could always voice out your opinion.
As a tightly-knit group, they would try to accommodate you as well.
But, if when you're going out lunch with them to McDonald's , you decide to show your sour face,  cause a commotion when everyone is having their lunch; you probably can stop thinking people joining you for lunch on something you like.

Being in a group, you probably need to respect the rules or do's and don'ts of the group. If you decide to do something else in the norm, you can expect yourself to be condemned by the group. This , however , applies only if you're in a social circle. Meaning, if the group you're with , are fans of that basketball team/soccer/football team that you're NOT interested, you could  always keep quiet when they are talking about the their favorite team. You could always do a pissing match just to spite each other out of the name of fun as well. But, that might get old after a while. However, if you just can't find a way to have fun with this group, you could always opt to join another group of people who have the same interests as you.

 Humans, after all are social species. But, if every group you joined, you made a ruckus , causing everyone in the group to dislike you in one way or another, all the groups will one way or another decide to conspire to go against you. Certainly, when you're in that kind of condition, it's not an easy feat to survive. Let's assume you're a student, studying in an environment where your classmates don't want to join you for lunch, OR your fellow classmates just feel uncomfortable by your mere presence ("helped" by people who conspire against because of you wronged them way too many times), OR they ignore your presence when you talk to them.
Then, it's probably a good idea to
a) look for another place to study.
b) behave like their part of a group.

Option (b) might still work, but it's going to take a long time for people to change their mind since your image/reputation was tainted by people that conspire against you.

Option (a) would be the easiest, where you start anew and this time you should at least try to make it right.

But, not everyone has the luxury of option (a). (That would a be a different story at work.) So, before you want to say / do something that might cause the group of people to dislike / hate you, think about how would you feel if they did to you?
##LONG version # 

#SHORT version#
If you're in a group, make sure you understand the terms / habits of the group. If you decide to do something else out of the groups' norm, you could always ask the group members whether something is OKAY or otherwise. If you decide to live as a lonely human being for your entire life, always cause a commotion wherever you go.

#SHORT version#

If you have real life examples about this, do share in the comments section. :D


superduperhairi ;) said...

Been there , done that. Living as a lonely man in this world isnt actually a great idea as well. Sometimes you just wish there's one person in that crowd would understand and stand by you. But, sadly to say, most of the time its hardly to find one.

MaN|acZ said...


Thanks for commenting. Yes, if nobody stands for you, it is really tough to survive in the group.

But, you could always start anew. Keep searching until you find like-minded people, if all else fails, you should change yourself

maybe you can share your experience in your blog?