Monday, February 07, 2011

What would you do?

what would you do? If your colleague is the type that doesn't want to cooperate till the day that he/she is going to resign?

refuse to cooperate. meaning,
1) refuse to submit any of their jobscope documentation
2) refuse to cooperate with you
a) not giving clear guidelines to work things out, then blame you
when you did something wrong
b) purposely letting take a long way for a solution
c) simply ignoring you and etc.
3) refuse to attend a meeting (even under the advise of the highest management)
eg. no respect for authority

Tell me, what would you do?


superduperhairi ;) said...

This happening to me now.This dude was having some kind of problem with me and was behaving like a kid and idk somehow we ended up in the same team and now he ignored me.I know he knows how to speak english very well but he purposely speak in a language that i dont understand in the team. And the stupid thing is,is that,they asked me (the leader) ,do you understand what we talk about? And i was like wth? The lecturer did give them a warning to speak in english so that they doesnt abandon me but they still did.So everytime the team did a group discussion,I always doesnt know anything and I felt that Im being left alone.There's only 4 of us in the team,one who purposely speak his own language,one who doesnt know english and another one the leader who doesnt seems to care about me.And guess what? When I contributed answers or ideas,they seems to like doesnt really care about it,they still go for their's.Although,my answer is right and im positive that i am right. I too,wonder,what should i do with it.I am stuck inside a team who doesnt want me.

MaN|acZ said...

@superduperhairi ;)
If I were you, I'm just lay low and let them finish the job. you just follow.

if shit hits the fan, then you just start the blaming game.(but that rarely rarely happens)

no one wants to fail,so it rarely happens.

ruknoe said...

F*** him/her gao gao~ lol~