Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The best venue for a blind date?

Which of the following would be the best venue for a blind date?

1) Fast Food Restaurant

2) A high class restaurant that provides privacy

3) A bar / pub

4) Club

5) A mid class restaurant that doesn't provide privacy. , something like a "dai chao" / 大炒 restaurant

6) Others, please state the venue and why you chose it.

Please mark your choice and leave your comments about why you made that choice.

You guys may be wondering what inspired me to made this post. Well, it was about a friend's experience.

Recently, the friend's parents set up a blind date for this friend. This friend initially was insistent to meet elsewhere other than McDonald's . Unfortunately, the person this friend was going to meet don't think so. In the end, this friend gave in to this person's request and meet up in McDonald's and ordered NOTHING while having a chat in McDonald's.

I was like, I know meeting in McDonald's is a bit of cheapskate. What?! Throughout the whole date, didn't order anything?

The friend went, "The person said, the I chose McDonald's because they don't charge you for even for just sitting there".

Maybe due to person's work background in the finance sector, he became such a cheapskate, or he just plain stupid. Either way, that's what inspired to write this post.

So.. please leave your comments about your choice and why you made that choice.


Cynth said...

in pubs or such for me, where there is crowd or at least more people.. so that if i want to give some boring stare i can just look away and there will be too many ppl around to distract him from seeing me do this =P

MaN|acZ said...

If your blind date is good conservationists, won't that ruin your chances with him?

kallyempire said...

agreed with Cynth~

I would choose some place crowd or at least more people but not kopitiam XD

McDonald is Ok for a blind date because of the theme they have...Red, Orange, Yellow brings up moods to do things~

If you thinks the person you meet up is someone you would like to know more...change venue instantly or any place better near by~