Tuesday, July 14, 2009

My CAT R.I.P , Ice Age 3

Just 2 weeks ago. on a monday morning. My cat died.I didn't feel good about it because I should've noticed something was wrong with the cat 2 days before she died. She was sitting around not moving a lot. She wasn't eating too when I fed her. I thought I'll send her to check-up on the morning. When I checked on her before I go to work, she was lying there motionless. A slight nudge, she didn't respond. She was dead.I felt bad about it.

On different note, I went to watch Ice Age 3 in MINES on sunday.

(Thank You author of this blog, picture taken from here)
It was okay. It has its moments. I don't know why but recently most movies that I've watched are just. OKAY. everything is OKAY. just FINE. I don't feel like . WHOAH. WOW.. I won't be talking about it on and on. Recently, there wasn't really any movie that made me go excited, everything just so seem like "been there done that", "big deal". Anyways, I think it's an entertaining watch.It's a movie suitable for the whole family.

After movie, we went for dinner. I thought since I haven't eaten Sushi King for some time. I'll stop by the Sushi King MINES.We (my gf , her sister and myself) ate a little then we scout for another restaurant. Then , after much scouting, we finally decided to have our meal in 欢喜地。

more pictures to follow......

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