Friday, April 17, 2009

why so serious?...........

I totally at lost when I watched the recent Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. series. This is the first time Phua Chu Kang is shot behind Malaysia background. But, somehow when they moved from Singapore , they also left behind the funny things that make Phua Chu Kang good in the first place.One of them being the supporting casts of Phua Chu Kang, namely Phua Chu Beng, Margaret and their lovely-son, which I can't spell his name right. Come to think of it, it's actually the supporting casts that makes the soul of the show. NOT JUST PHUA CHU KANG HIMSELF!!

The new Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. is like trying so hard to be funny yet it's not funny at all. Harith Iskandar is LAME, LAME, LAME. He's trying so hard that it's not funny at all. I'd rather have Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. production team to went with relatively unpopular casts and make them popular through the tv show. Gamuda (Housing Developer) and Super Power (powdered beverage company) thought it would be great to sponsor this show, and will bombard audiences non-stop with their advertisement. Seriously, I don't remember having to suffer going thru repetitious advertisements during the half hour show.

However, what comes after Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. really impressed me. I have a good feel about Mr Siao's Mandarin class.Correct if I'm wrong, I don't feel having been bothered about being bombarded with ads and ads and ads. Mr Siao's Mandarin class comes across quite natural, I don't find it so "robotic" compared to Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. With a casts of chinese, indians and malay, it's much more "muhibbah" than Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd.

I think what Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. producers should've done is end the series as soon as possible but with a proper ending. At least , when people think about Phua Chu Kang , they don't remember the dreadful Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd.

I don't know why I don't see any bloggers sharing the same opinion with me about how "sucky" Phua Chu Kang Sdn. Bhd. is.

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Jazarel said...

If there was a 'like' function in here like in Facebook I'd just click it but there isn't. So I'll agree with more words than usual :P