Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Eh?! got visitors lah!!

Initially I started to blog, because that was the IN thing to do. ya I know I am that LAME. then I thought I wanted to post about food. but I was too lazy to upload photos. and I also looking for a lot of excuses not to blog. tired lah, lazy to upload photos lah, too troublesome lah... all that shit.

But then, when I saw my sitemeter visitor count. Suddenly I got charged up.!

wah lao.. In March 2007 itself, I got up to 119 visits.. Not bad leh..... turns out my blog actually got some visitors after all. but most of them are very quiet wan... I don't know why leh. my stuff boring you kah?..

Don't be stingy leh. leave some comments behind. so I can improve my blog and finally earn some money from blogging. :P

of course, thank you for visiting my blog. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!

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