Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Accidental meet-up with Boss Stewie

On sunday hor... I was in Low Yat plaza, I send my PC for warranty. (nia mah).. this the first time I met a problem that I can't with solve with my PC, more on that later. So, I also bought stuff liao mah.. taking the escalator down to have lunch.
Then hor, as I was going down, I saw someone si beh familiar wan loh... eh... that's..erm... who ar?
aiks?!.. BOSS STEWIE and SAMANTHA!!!!!!
so hor, I pick up my phone and quickly call him and ask him if he's in Low Yat orhh... He said he is..
So I asked him to wait some place then I go see him. Then..voila... I shooked his hand in front of C-Zone Low Yat. Then, I saw Samantha behind him loh... We talked a while then I left for lunch.

Then hor, supposedly we could've had lunch in the same place wan but Boss Stewie can't find the restaurant, so he had his lunch in Shikuya(correct spelling r?). Then after I had mine, I went to see him loh and talk some more and took a photo. The photo suck (not because of Boss Stewie, but because of my constipated look). Don't want to waste Boss Stewie time mah.. because he got event at 3pm, at that time 2.20pm something liao mah...

Finally, One more thing I noticed hor, thoroughout the whole conversation with Boss Stewie, Samantha so quiet most of the time loh. I wonder why ar?... very tired maybe?

P/S: The "pasar" english was intentional. :P


Jasonmumbles said...

Samantha is just shy. :D

MaN|acZ said...

hehe.. maybe she is.